Inspired by real events and the first novel of series, Naked Paddock, transports its readers on a wild journey through the adrenaline-fueled world of professional motorsports—a world of money, sex, ego, intrigue and ruthless competition. Set on the stage of historic racetracks throughout the world, Naked Paddock introduces a lifelike cast of colorful characters, as quirky and flawed as they are entertaining: talented young drivers, pushy agents, wealthy sponsors, fickle team owners, trophy wives, flag-girls and ambitious models.

On track and in the pages of Naked Paddock, it is the collisions between these characters, more than any racecar, which captures the attention of spectators and readers alike. Fistfights, lawsuits, love affairs — Naked Paddock is dripping with the drama found in real racetrack paddocks the world over. With millions of dollars in sponsorship on the line, racing is big business. But it is also intensely personal, as each driver puts his life on the line every time he gets behind the wheel.

At its heart, Naked Paddock can be pared down to one man. Attractive, daring and privileged, Coleton Loren is a professional racecar driver unaccustomed to setbacks who finds himself injured in the off-season. Charmed by his beautiful, yet bookish doctor, Camilla, he sweeps her into his world—a world of gossip and glamour that she never knew or dreamed of—as he fights to reclaim the top step of the podium.

Appealing to both male and female audiences, Naked Paddock has something for everyone. While its main subject matter, motorsports, contains enough grit, guts, heroism, risk, adrenaline, sex and speed to get any guy’s heart pumping, Naked Paddock is also a tale of love developing between its two seemingly unlikely main characters.

M.K. Ducote has toured the world’s premier racing circuits for years with her husband, a professional racecar driver with over 14 career podiums. With the intimate knowledge of a real racing insider, M.K. Ducote gives the reader a rare, behind-the-scenes glimpse of international motorsports and the secretive and rarified world of the rich, famous and infamous, from exotic locales to haute couture.